Taught By:
Benjamin Hardy: the #1 writer on Medium.com. He's grown from 0 to over 200,000 email subscribers in 2 years.
John Lee Dumas: the host of EOFire.com, one of the top podcasts on Entrepreneurship in the world. 
Richie Norton: the best-selling author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid and is the founder of multiple companies.
Robert Klubenspies: the 7-figure marketer and strategist to NYT best-selling authors, including Neil Strauss and David Bach.
What You'll Learn In This Course
  •  How to break past all fears and emotional blocks stopping you from publishing
  •  All the tools you'll need to build and monetize your email list of devoted fans
  •  How to consistently and quickly write viral content (which includes article structuring, headlines, etc.)
  •  How to quickly build an email list from 0 to 100,000+
  •  How to get your content featured on platforms like Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, CNBC, etc.
  •  How to re-purpose your content in multiple formats and on multiple platforms
  •  How to develop relationships and collaborations with influencers and mentors
  •  How to write a six-figure book contract
  •  How to build out an online business around your content and brand
  •  How to launch products
The Purpose of This Course is 3-Fold:
  •  Help you bust through the internal and external obstacles stopping you from creating viral and amazing content
  •  Help you "go pro" as an author and influencer, which means you're making over $100,000 and can quit your day-job
  •  If you so choose, to teach you how to get an agent and large book contracts with the Big 5 New York publishing houses
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